How much does fulfillment center cost? From $0.25/item to $40/pallet/month. Dive deeper into detailed fees.

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How much does a fulfillment center cost?

The costs of fulfillment centers differ depending on the provider and the pricing model. Nevertheless, the majority of fulfillment centers adopt activity-based pricing schemes.

Here are some common fulfillment center costs:
  1. Costs for receiving inventory vary from $25 to $50 per hour or $5 to $15 per pallet.
  2. Storage fees are set at $5 to $40 per pallet each month.
  3. Picking and packing services cost $0.20 per item, or $3 to $5 per order.
  4. Intake fees range from $25 to $50 per hour, $0.25 per item, or $5 to $15 per pallet.


The costs of fulfillment may encompass: receiving, segregating and storing products, picking, packing, and shipping.

The Cost Per Order (CPO) for fulfillment is a widely used metric that monitors the expenditure on each order. To compute the CPO, divide the aggregate expenses of orders by the overall quantity of orders received.


Typical Costs of Outsourced Fulfillment Services

Outsourcing fulfillment services involves a variety of costs, each tailored to the specific operations performed by the fulfillment provider.

Here’s a summary of common costs with estimated figures based on information gathered from multiple sources:

1. Setup Fees

Businesses might encounter one-time setup fees that can range widely from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, depending on the complexity and requirements of the integration process. 

On average, setup fees can be around $377, but for more sophisticated integrations, they may reach into the thousands.

2. Receiving Fees

These fees cover the process of accepting and processing your inventory into the warehouse. The costs can be around $35-$45 per hour on average for labor, with some fulfillment centers charging per pallet ($4-$15 on average) or per unit ($.20-$.25). 

Additional services like barcode scanning or damage inspection might incur extra fees.

3. Storage Fees

Monthly charges for storing inventory are based on the space used, which could be calculated per pallet, cubic foot, or bin.

Rates can vary significantly, from $6-$40 per pallet per month, with cubic footage often costing around $.45-$.55 per cubic foot.

4. Pick and Pack Fees:

The labor involved in retrieving items from storage and preparing them for shipment is typically charged per item or order.

The fees can range from $3 to $5 per item or order, with some companies offering bulk rates or additional fees for small orders.

5. Shipping Fees

Fulfillment centers often obtain discounted rates for shipping, which they pass on to their clients. However, shipping costs will still vary based on package size, weight, and destination.

Fulfillment providers may offer 25%+ discounts on standard carrier rates.

6. Return Processing Fees

Handling returns incurs fees for processing, which may include inspection and restocking. The charges are often similar to the pick and pack fees, plus the cost of return shipping.

7. Account Management Fees

Monthly fees for administrative support and account management can range from $30 to over $1,000, depending on the service level required.

These fees outline a basic understanding for companies considering the outsourcing of fulfillment operations. It is essential to recognize that the cost structure and specific rates will vary from one provider to another, highlighting the importance for companies to obtain precise quotations and perform thorough comparisons.

To gain a detailed insight into these charges and secure quotes that are specifically catered to the requirements of your business, engaging in consultations with several fulfillment service providers and examining comprehensive proposals that detail every anticipated expense is advisable.

Fulfillment Center Cost

Strategies for Reducing Fulfillment Expenses

A dropshipper cutting costs by outsourcing fulfillment operations. Outsourcing your fulfillment operations can free up more time for your business to focus on critical tasks. However, the expense involved might seem daunting at first glance.

Thankfully, there are multiple strategies to lower your fulfillment expenses while running a more efficient e-commerce business.

Remember, It´s not just How much does a fulfillment center cost?

Here are four strategies to minimize your fulfillment spending:

1. Leverage Bulk Discounts

For dropshippers dealing with high order volumes, logistics centers become an invaluable asset. This implies that strategic planning can unlock bulk discounts, making fulfillment efforts financially worthwhile.

The higher your order volume at a logistics center, the lower your per-unit or per-order fulfillment costs will be. It’s common to see significant cost reductions, such as a 15% discount for wholesale inventory orders.

Some third-party logistics (3PL) providers may even offer discounts on pallet storage and pick-and-pack fees for bulk orders.

2. Negotiate Contract Terms

Seeking better savings on your fulfillment expenses? Negotiation is key. Always attempt to negotiate your fulfillment contract. The longer you’ve been with a fulfillment provider, the stronger your bargaining position.

Securing terms for a longer contract duration can also yield better conditions, though this means a longer commitment to the logistics center, so weigh this decision carefully.

3. Avoid Hidden Costs

Ensure you’re not overpaying by being vigilant about hidden fulfillment costs. Integration costs are crucial since you need systems that communicate seamlessly with your 3PL.

Opting for automated solutions can lead to better data management and order accuracy. Be wary of additional charges for expedited shipping if you offer swift delivery options to your customers.

International shipping may also incur “surprise” fees for duties or tariffs, so thoroughly review your agreements.

4. Conduct Thorough Calculations

The final step to economize on outsourcing fulfillment is thorough calculation. This approach aids in selecting the optimal fulfillment service and understanding the financial advantages of outsourcing. 

Assess your inventory storage needs, average monthly order volume to estimate pick, pack, and shipping costs, and familiarize yourself with 3PL pricing structures. Summing up these factors will give you a rough estimate of your monthly fulfillment expenses.

While calculating precise spending on outsourced fulfillment is challenging due to variables like the logistics center’s policies, your business model, products, and customer base, comparing these costs with the potential expenses of in-house fulfillment can reveal efficiencies or savings.

Sometimes the analysis may favor outsourcing, and other times it may not, but it’s crucial always to evaluate fulfillment costs to determine if outsourcing aligns with your e-commerce business strategy.

Frequently Ask Questions (Faq´s)

Some frequently asked questions regarding “How much does a fulfillment center cost?

1. What is the fulfillment cost of a warehouse?

Fulfillment fees, often referred to as pick and pack charges, represent an additional cost. These fees are for selecting your product from a fulfillment center’s warehouse and typically range from 20 cents to $5 per item, based on the nature of your product.

2. What are fulfillment costs?

Within the realm of warehousing, the total fulfillment expenses encompass all costs incurred from the moment a product is received to its distribution. This includes costs for receiving, sorting, and storing the products, as well as for picking, packaging, and dispatching them.

3. How do you calculate fulfillment cost?

While achieving an exact comparison is likely unattainable, the optimal approach entails computing fulfillment costs as a percentage of net sales. This percentage is determined by dividing total warehouse costs by annual net sales in dollars and then multiplying by 100.

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